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I was blessed early in the year to be invited to be a part of a quartet of extremely talented ladies with a love of art, bishies and everything in between — they call us Anidoujin. I am actually a 2nd generation member, the original members being Chloe Haavengard and Yume Neko and Aubrey Sawamura — I was invited just this year after their fairly successful run in a convention in New Zealand where Yume is.

I actually feel the least among them since Yume Neko is a mangaka of FUM’s Stalkers IG, and a great artist with a superb following. Chloe Haavengard is an accomplished digital and traditional artist andAubrey Sawamura has several series up on TAPASTIC and is the author of FHATE‘s KULAY and Ophir. I really love her shounen art and me… well I am just me.

I can’t even sustain a following. I don’t go to conventions as much and well… I just draw. That’s it.

Harry Potter bookmark

Harry Potter Bookmark Set Anidoujin Exclusive

So it was actually a great decision and effort for me to commit to them- since I have nothing to prove– at least not yet. I have no true accomplishment in art – except for a failed manga and several attempts, to warrant this but I am grateful to them that they trust me enough to fill in one of their ranks.

I will work hard for them and to prove myself that I can do this, to be a part of them is an honor. I want to contribute a lot and help the group. Although its a lot of work.

I just hope that you can help us by spreading the word about us. and sharing theAnidoujin FB page.