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Its Inktober again and I am pretty faithful to it this year. Ive done a piece every few days if not everyday for this event. I have a few videos up online of me inking this October.  So I am sharing a few of my favorite inktober projects. Show me yours as well?

Marikit’s Wonderland

10154228_10153991133825085_879832950_nAs I was thinking about my blog. I decided to revamp it to make it into something more personal. I am a artist and I know that my blog should reflect it completely. So with watercolors, I created this picture of me and my dog zemo (in humanform) in manga style to show who I am. The design of that art was loosely based on Alice in Wonderland therfore making it my own little fantasy world.

If you want to know how this was created jump down to the cut.

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All about my inks


Here are some of the ink I have on hand at the moment. I know some of you may be familiar with some of them. pero this is ranked from cheapest to most expensive.

China Ink — very cheap PHP 15 for this bottle a big one is about 35. good for ink washes and light inking. NOT waterproof. Cannot be used with copics. Erases easily

Ideal Speedball Ink – PHP25.00 per bottle. that small bottle is the only size. runny. drying time = about a minute and a half (aka FOREVER) runny. not good with watercolor, not good with alcohol based markers. very opaque and glossy. might be good for calligraphy. lifts with some heavy erasing

Redstones Indian drawing ink – PHP30.00 per bottle. 30 ml. Opaque. drying time is about 20 – 30 seconds. (not bad) fluid. when truly dry (about an hour or so) can be used with watercolor. Not too good with copics. does not lift easily with erasing

rotring – PHP90.00 per bottle. opaque.drying time: about 30 -45 seconds (forever) not good with copics. alright with watercolor. lifts fairly easily with erasing

Parker Quink – PHP229.00 huge bottle. opaque. drying time less than 15 seconds. good with copics. good with watercolor. ** FAVORITE!!**does not lift easily with heavy erasing. smooth application.A little goes a long way! One dip of the nib can go long My only quirk about this it its blue-black not black-black but its dark enough and thin enough for details.

Deleter Black around PHP200.00 #3 drying time is 25 seconds. A little goes a long way! One dip of the brush can go long time. very opaque and matte. does not lift easily with erasing. Good with copics after drying. waterfast after truly dried.

Deleter black #6 around PHP200.00 drying time is 25-30 seconds not bad. very fluid. very opaque and matte. nice for application. does not lift easily after erasing. waterfast and copic friendly after truly dry.

Pilot ink – PHP 450.00LOVE this ink. fluid and slightly opaque. drying time is about 10 seconds. easily the clearest ink I use. need time to fully dry before being waterfast and copic friendly. Used by a lot of mangakas. Very nice also for washes. 

Bought most of this from National Book Store and Artmedia Trading. Also from Joli’s behind UST.  I hope more stores will start carrying ink. I know Deovir has some nifty acrylic ink that I want to try.

I will do a video of using them soon. Also babble while using them. I hope to do it as a part of the Pmangahub team blog launch >.> We do need a video editor so if you know someone who knows how to do it, let us know!!

Collab 001: Space Samurai

I wanted to practice my inking and learn a lot more about it so I asked if I can collaborate with a good artist on FB- Buko Fernando. He does nice sketches and he called for Art Jam  and I responded  by telling him I will ink one of his lovely sketches. He came up with this lady:

Buko Fernando's Sketch

Sketch by Buko Fernando

I love how dynamic this sketch was, though rough, I can see a lot of potential in it. So I set to work and inked it traditionally.

Space Samurai Inking Attempt #1

Space Samurai Inking Attempt #1

This is my first attempt in inking her. Pretty good for a first time but I see a lot of mistakes and i know it will not be as dynamic as I hoped it would be colored. >.>  I felt that she was also lacking in form and detail when I started coloring, and even if this was a good enough effort, i found myself wanting more.  So she got scrapped.



Failed coloring. >.>

Failed coloring. >.>

I also hated how she looked colored. >.> the ink was smearing all over the place and the background didn’t give me much room to improve it. Sad to say, she needed to be redone. In all honesty, I was about to give up on her but thank God I didn’t because I came up with something better.

Space Samurai Inking #2

Space Samurai Inking #2

This is the 2nd attempt at inking this baby. More details, tighter inks and space for the SPACE background. Loosely indicated where things should be and will draw in the details as I color.. I hope I don’t mess up. XD

LESSON LEARNED.  Never give up on something. Keep on going even if it means redoing things because the more you do it, the better you become at it. Keep going, believe in yourself.

I myself am still not a perfect artist nor am I perfect in inking or coloring. But I persevere and am patienly practicing to be better.

Next up, coloring this babe!