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Inktober 2018

It’s Inktober season! Inktober is a big event in the artist world that occurs every October where  everyone is encouraged to draw a picture in ink ONCE a day and upload the picture to social media with the (#inktober and #inktober2018). This encourages the artist to create at least once a day and it is a great practice for consistency and  well — the use of ink materials.
The materials used for inktober could be as simple as a ballpoint/gelpen and paper.  But it could go as far as canvasses, sketchbooks, alcohol inks, waterbased inks, inktense pencils  — AS LONG AS IT IS INK, it is fine. Your Art, your rules. The point of the event is to encourage people to draw and Mr. Jake Parker, the creator of Inktober did an amazing job in creating this worldwide phenomenon.
You can use his OFFICIAL PROMPTS below, or use the multitude of prompts available for October like drawloweeen, and other alternate prompts.
Every year I attempt Inktober and I have succeeded on finishing it only a few times. This year, I am doing the inktober event with the people over at Travelers Notebook Art Journaling Group for TN using the official prompts and on my hobonichi with INKTOBER x MANGA to practice my Manga Drawing skills. I will also try to do a lunchtime sketch version of inktober where in I replace my normal watercolor lunch sketches with pen and ink sketches and see how well I go with it!
I am pretty psyched! I am so excited for this event and I will update you every week with a digest of Inktober art and More! ❤



This is definitely happening. I got this sketchbook from a friend here in Japan who remains to be unnamed. She challenged me to do this BIG BADASS SKETCHBOOK CHALLENGE which is simply the SKETCHBOOK SLAM CHALLENGE (#sketchbookslam) that has a lot of the artists on all forms of social media going.  Basically, its a challenge to fill this 600 page 8×10 sketchbook in one month. I see a lot of the finished sketchbook tours on youtube, instagram and facebook and I thought “WOW!” is that actually possible?

However, since I have a life and I think it would be more productive for me if I can do this challenge without killing my hand. I decided to do things a little differently.
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inktober day 7 : Lost 

​​I did a speedpaint for Day 7: Lost and it is of Nico di Angelo from Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan.Check it out below!

Nico is a lost child  and he spent a lot of time being searched for by people. So I thought he would be a good subject… Plus i got a request. Hit 2 birds with one stone right? so here

that is the final picture and here is how i did it

there will be some new stuff coming on the blog! 🙂 watch out for it soon!

Inktober days 3-6 Prompts

Ok, so it was busy! But I have to update you on my  Inktober stuff. I have not missed a day and it really was fun.  Just click to see the full picture!


For obvious reasons , I collect ART MATERIALS. I am a hoarder and I cant seem to stop! I did this inktober on my art journal/ leuchtturm1917 had fun with using plain inks and just drawing in the raw.


A 10 minute sketch of ponyo and her ham ramen XD this was a crowd favorite. I inked with brushpens, colored with copics and yeah, made a rough mess. but this was fun!


I was literally sad this day as I had a a migraine. Drew this one at the doctors office on my Bullet Journal


 In a hole in the ground, there lived a hobbit.
I thought that it was appropriate,  hobbits are creatures that can stay unseen to those they do not want to see them and they stay hidden in the Shire. Plus, Bagend was hidden under the tree.Done with brush pens and copics in 15 mins. I had a lot of fun!

Tonight I do DAY 7! So far so good! i have not missed a day!