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Summer Kimonos and Blooms

Watercolor on Canson Montval

Ao Natsu/ 2015 / Watercolor

It’s summer. DOH!  It’s so warm… and I haven’t died yet. Just been busy.

So, now that I have gotten over the door phase. I am now into another phase in my art — YUKATAS. I have always loved Yukatas – to me they are wearable art and they so delicate and beautiful and expressive that I want to experience wearing one myself. I actually made one before for cosplay waaay back when I was in America and I loved it (although it was Fuu from Samurai Champloo’s basic one)

So I did the piece on the left a few weeks ago. It’s entitled “Ao Natsu” ( Blue Summer in English) the blue obviously came from her hair. It was the first time I painted hair like that, in streaks instead of full shades and I was inspired by some art I found on pixiv. The yukata’s design was from a wallpaper I found on Cherry blossoms and the obi and the thingie at the back was from a kimono on google. I mixed elements together to create this piece and I do hope you like it because I was surprised that I was able to control the paint and not put water all over it as I usually do XD.

fan dancer

Fandancer 2015

The second one, Fandancer was a more expressive piece. I took one of my doodles for the pose and tried to use it to express action. her eyes look a little lost, but I do love the movement it has which is not like my old pieces. I used orange to bring out boldness to this dancer and put on more makeup. The background was done using the throwing technique I learned in my door studies. and I think I did succeed in making it look like she was dancing in front of vines n a garden. I need to work on contouring the face. I wonder if I can master this?

I did one more but it was a commission, and I havent had permission from the owner to post it so… Yeah maybe later on.

Watercoloring kimonos and ladies are so much fun, though it is also challenging because I have to work on dry paper and unstretched paper most of the time. I also have to keep myself from watering down my work and just using wet on wet. I had to learn how to work pretty dry on this one  for it to work and a lot of delicate frisket work went to this pieces

I pray to improve my techniques more as I go along. I am happy with the improvement I have. and I am hoping for more.

Daigo Stardust



Daigo Stardust

Daigo Stardust

Daigo. the one and only DAIGO STARDUST. Vocalist of BRZ, (Breakerz), Naito Daigo… This is my tribute to  Ultraman Zero’s Daigo who is going to celebrate his birthday on April 8. Just last year, I watched his concert and really loved it. Now he’s back in his solo career as DAIGO STARDUST, I love this shiny creature more.

He just doesn’t age. XD He looks perpetually 20. And acts perpetually 8.

He’s just adorable. Just the way he is.

Its only fitting that he is my first portrait. Because he’s just gorgeous.

Many thanks to Mr. Jimmy Tablante who taught me the fine art of watercolor portraiture. ^__^ looking forward to learning more. Tomorrow or the next day, I’ll try another…