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Lessons learned from Painting Spiderman

A successful Spidey!

I finally finished this guy successfully. Painting Tom Holland was something I didn ‘t think would be too hard. I mean, he’s caucasian and I have done that before. Plus his face seemed to be easy enough. So I had set up myself for an “easy Sunday painting afternoon.” WRONG.

I had a really hard time with my first attempt. I did it in Khadi Handmade paper, which I really don’t get along with. That was my first mistake. I thought that since I had some, I should use it. But I had a hard time getting all my tones together and I also had some sizing issues with that paper. So It was not a pleasant painting experience at all. I learned to choose my materials wisely. I have to be aware and test first before jumping with both feet in and painting away, to avoid frustrations and heartaches in the future.

Second mistake, I chose a difficult reference. I chose a picture of Tom Holland with different lighting. and I thought I could recreate it. But it was a total nightmare. I couldn’t get him to look right. I was confused by a lot of the elements in my reference and I didn’t know how to fix them. I learned that I really need to be careful in choosing my reference pictures and not choose them just because they look cool. I need to see if they are good references for me. I am still learning.


Finally, I learned to start over and do it again. I learned not to give up and persevere. This time I chose Bockingford Hot Press and I slowed down my process. I also chose an easier reference and this time, i thought about it more. I kind of succeeded, right? I was really happy with this one and I reallly like how it turned out that I released the timelapse video. Check it out below.

Painting Superheroes: Captain America and Wonderwoman in Watercolor

Last weekend, I painted superheroes. You know, Captain America from Civil war and Wonderwoman (2017 Batman vs. Superman Version) and enjoyed a bit of a challenge since it has been a while since I last painted a portrait of any actual human being so this was a really good chance for me to see if I still had it with portraiture.

Today, I want to share the process on how I painted Captain America and Wonderwoman. For Captain America, I painted him on Khadi Paper (Cotton Rag) and used Winsor Newton Watercolors on him. I actually used the small pallette to do this so I can create my own way of superhero painting.

Wonderwoman was a bigger piece, A4 Arches 300 GSM hot press paper and winsor newton watercolors.

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