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Princess Zaria

“…A beauty truly captivating to see her is to see the true light… and it feels like you have seen something you shouldnt have..” Princess Zaria is a character from Floralia my own story I am creating. She is the symbol of purity and unadulterated beauty. She is untainted and was raised to be that way for a reasonshe started off as a sketch on watercolor paper finished her a few days ago and decided to post her just now\   Here is how she is made


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All About ACEOS

Are you wondering what ACEOs are and what they are. Here is me babbling about what I know about ACEOs (Art Cards Editions and Originals).

These miniature artwork are popular in different art circles in the world. It features a tiny original piece by the artist themselves and some of them use these cards like COS-Cards or Calling Cards.

I hope this really takes off in the Philippines. I would love to get a lot and collect from co-artists!