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Here comes the June Bugs

I finished the JUNE MONTHLY CHALLENGE #Junebugillustrations and I am so proud of myself.

I did quite a lot of studying for this challenge. First, I studied bugs/insects with their different forms and wings and details. This pushed me to really look down to the smallest details and to study how to paint transparent/transluscent material. I also had to break down their forms in order to get them looking decent on paper. I probably had the most difficult time with the beetles and the scorpion (I still think they’re not done right). This also leads me to think that I still need further studies on texture and detail work.

Second, I studied people. I studied skintones, I studied facial planes and construction. I even studied hair. ( Though, I still feel I need more on that) I studied qualities of each Ethnicity that I encountered and the clothes that they wear. I studied details on jewelry and embroidery as well as pattern design. I still need a lot of help when it comes to that, but I can see myself improving.

Third, I studied composition. I did not make floating heads. I had to make each piece a story. A small painting that has life. I am proud that I committed to it. They all look pretty good. Most of them tell a story and I am so glad.

I collected them all and made a small video to show everyone the pieces. You can check out the pieces here

Iris Prism

Iris Prism

Title: Iris Prism
Media:Winsor and Newton Watercolor on a small piece of Canson Montval 300 GSM

Literally this piece was about 3 x4 inches? it was a stress relief painting because I just wanted to get it all out. I ended up with this splash art of rainbow. She looked stunned like caught in the headlghts maybe not ready to face whatever is in front of her. Exactly how I feel right now. in her head a burst of color, all her ideas popping out, but she is forced to stay calm. I slapped on a lot of color and just prayed it will work.

I called her Iris because of the goddess of the rainbow and prism is how you make rainbows right? This was made quick and unplanned and just played with colors and my brush to try to relax. There is a lot of stress in me right now. Painting helps.

Swordhunter Cho from Rurouni Kenshin in Colored pencils


Sword Hunter Cho A4 Colored pencils

This was probably one of the most painstaking art that I have done to date. Took me days to finish it and i used colored pencils to render a whole scene of cho from a screencap of Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno. I used some techniques I learned from books to do some underpainting this time and it worked. I wonder though, if i use watercolor first, then colored pencils, will it work?

I am putting this up for sale if anyone wants it. I can give this A4 art in a laminate case – fixatived of course to protect it, for about $50.00 or best offer if anyone is interested. I also do custom art now, so please let me know!

Harajuku Girl

Watercolor 9x12 Watercolor Paper © Little Miss Marikit

9×12 Watercolor Paper
© Little Miss Marikit

This baby is drawn mostly as an experimental thing and for fun. I wanted to draw an overly made up lady and I have this picture of NEEKO (seiyuu and actress) from Japan who is a fashion icon for all things KAWAII (cute).  Harajuku is a place in Japan where fashion enthusiasts gather and show off their quirky fashion stylings in all shades of pastel and bright colors.

I love looking at them (although doubt if I will wear anything like it) and want to draw them. This is a representation of their cute quirky style, their youthfulness and creativity.

Cute, don’tcha think?