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Sonozaki Raito

Philipp/ Sonozaki Raito


Philipp/Sonozaki Raito
9×12″ Watercolor Paper
Little Miss Marikit©

Does anyone recognize him? He’s Philipp from Kamen Rider W as played by Mr. Suda Masaki. Hands down my favorite Tokusatsu show!  He is the Human 0Wikipedia– it was said that all the earth’s knowledge was in his head. And he’s the partner of Hidari Shoutaro as well as the Right side of the two in one Kamen Rider. Check out Kamen Rider W. It’s a fun show!

I did this portrait to practice my Portrait Skills since it seems that I am lacking in it.  He was done in 3 days time because I was busy with my first impromptu Art Show.  I did most of the painting at the art show and finished up at home. I used watercolors and just had fun with it!

The most challenging was his hair, but I think it looks okay! What do you guys think?

Daigo Stardust



Daigo Stardust

Daigo Stardust

Daigo. the one and only DAIGO STARDUST. Vocalist of BRZ, (Breakerz), Naito Daigo… This is my tribute to  Ultraman Zero’s Daigo who is going to celebrate his birthday on April 8. Just last year, I watched his concert and really loved it. Now he’s back in his solo career as DAIGO STARDUST, I love this shiny creature more.

He just doesn’t age. XD He looks perpetually 20. And acts perpetually 8.

He’s just adorable. Just the way he is.

Its only fitting that he is my first portrait. Because he’s just gorgeous.

Many thanks to Mr. Jimmy Tablante who taught me the fine art of watercolor portraiture. ^__^ looking forward to learning more. Tomorrow or the next day, I’ll try another…