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I was Featured?! and What I have been up to.

Yup. Lost. I was lost for more than a year. That is all I can say about my whirlwind 2019. There has been a lot going on in 2019 that I neglected this blog completely. But you know what they say, 3rd time’s a charm?

So here I am again, trying to make this work.


  1. I moved back home to the Philippines
  2. I started playing with Gouache ( I finished GOUACHETOBER!)
  3. I paint Landscapes
  1. I finished 2 Sketchbooks

4. I got featured at Kickinthecreatives.com YOUTUBE!

5. I started a Youtube Channel.

So there are the 5 things that I have been up to and so now on to the new stuff! Thanks for bearing with my long absence! I will definitely update this page from now on

Restart, Refresh, Rewind

Hey you guys! I know I have been absent for a while now and yep, I have been kidnapped by work and I have been in and out of the hospital a while now. Anyway, I am back and hopefully for good this time.

In my absence I never forgot art, so as a reparation gift and to make up for the absence, I am presenting the following video.

I will be restarting my VLOG and youtube channel as well as this blog and update my art here more. I do hope that you can support me once again.

The video below is my painting of Jiroutachi of Touken Ranbu. Love the character style and yes, he’s a guy. But he’s just so pretty! Hope you enjoy

You can see the original at  : http://fav.me/d9nr41u

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Cannis, Feigl and Heren



artymon_0002It has been a while since I last did fantasy art and I was pleased when I drew this beastmaster from my Floralian Fantasy. His name is Cannis and he has his wyvern Heren and his phoenix friend Fiegl. I inked this using G-pens and Kaimei ink and I decided to make this epic and painted it with alcohol based markers.


This is the painting that I did and if you want to see me color parts of it, please watch the video below. I love this art and I really tested my skill on this. I hope I can keep it up

[Video] Inking and Coloring the Peak Spider with Graphic Markers

Every now and then, I do video myself working. Here is how I ink and color a character from Yowamushi Pedal (a biking anime/manga which I adore now). His name is Makishima Yuusuke AKA the Peak Spider and he’s my favorite character in the whole series.

The actual time of this video was about 1:07 (an hour and seven minutes according to the capture). And I got it down to about 8 minutes plus the extras I added.

I need to learn more editing so I can do more helpful videos. But I hope you like my coloring and inking process. I am not perfect so I may have mistakes so forgive me?

Materials used:

  • Tachikawa School G — F
  • Deleter Line 3 Brush Marker
  • Deleter Line 2 Markers
  • Copics
  • Zig Kurecolor
  • Deleter Neopiko markers

These are available in  at Artmedia Trading. Totally nice people there! Please go ahead and order from them.

Hope you enjoy!

All About ACEOS

Are you wondering what ACEOs are and what they are. Here is me babbling about what I know about ACEOs (Art Cards Editions and Originals).

These miniature artwork are popular in different art circles in the world. It features a tiny original piece by the artist themselves and some of them use these cards like COS-Cards or Calling Cards.

I hope this really takes off in the Philippines. I would love to get a lot and collect from co-artists!