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A Rant and Mochi, the cat

First of all, I guess some more learned people have read my blog and frankly disagrees with some of the things I have said here. I do know that I am in no way an expert and am still learning about the craft. I am merely sharing what I know and yes if what I say is “RIDICULOUS” then it must be so, but I know this : My blog has helped a lot of people and I will continue to write this blog to help other artists learn more.


1908161_844994755552131_7492325034892898035_nNow that I got that off my chest, I haven’t blogged in a while right? Well, perfectly good reason for that. Things had started to become crazy in the office! But then, I have never forgotten about art.

Lately, I have started to rekindle my love for colored pencils and decided that I should conquer my fear of drawing animals and fur. I took a picture of my friend’s cat and  decided to draw Mochi. He’s such an adorable and special little kitty so I really wanted to capture him especially his emerald eyes.

I actually was scared of doing the fur. First, I have had little to no experience of drawing any sort of animal >.> second, it just seems daunting to render something soft and fluffy and I didnt want it to turn into something like an alien.

So I plunged on using some knowledge in layering and little strokes as well as some tutorials off the net. It was a really intimidating task but Mochi seems to be asking me nicely to draw him.

As with all my art, I start with the eyes. It was a make or break for me and i I had to ask for reference from Mochi’s owner Brian.


AND LOOK!! I actually succeeded in creating glass eyes! I am so happy! ❤ I used prismacolors — I have to look at the numbers again, but mostly light greens, blue greens and yellows to create this effect. I also can’t believe that the picture looks like an actual cat. XD

So, yay! I think I can do this. I’ll update more soon!

Marikit’s Wonderland

10154228_10153991133825085_879832950_nAs I was thinking about my blog. I decided to revamp it to make it into something more personal. I am a artist and I know that my blog should reflect it completely. So with watercolors, I created this picture of me and my dog zemo (in humanform) in manga style to show who I am. The design of that art was loosely based on Alice in Wonderland therfore making it my own little fantasy world.

If you want to know how this was created jump down to the cut.

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